Picked up some limited edition cans of espresso with a very bold design aesthetic in Milan, created by the artist Dasha Zaichanka. They are now holding cooking utensils in the kitchen, getting appreciated every day.

  1. Perfectly engineered for stack-ability, when labeled, these cans are genius for storing dried, grains, and nuts.
  2. Place a bag inside and fill with cookies or candy (this way you wont have to wash it every time you want to replace the contents). The cans maintain cookies crispness much longer than storing in sealed bags.  
  3. Label the top, and use them to store art supplies. Their height makes them perfect for pencils and markers.
  4. Fill a can with a small individual assortment of art supplies for kids on vacation or weekend trips.
  5. Use for small toys, and throw in your tote bag for the kids when they get bored.
  6. When traveling these cans are excellent for packing fragile, glass perfume or serum bottles that can easily leak if on their side. Wrap the bottle(s) in something soft, or even bubble wrap, screw on the lid, and its perfectly safe.
  7. Punch a few holes in the bottom, and fill with a bit of gravel, and then soil, planting something from seed that you can watch grow in your kitchen or wherever its sunny. Placing the cap on the bottom catches any water drips.