Cannabis And Coffee: The Breakfast Of Champions
Cannabis And Coffee: The Breakfast Of Champions

Cannabis and coffee have finally merged in the form of a fully compostable coffee pod, delivering a smooth, sustainable, and environmentally conscious experience. Call it Wake’N’ Bake evolution for Responsible Human Beings.

Here are a few things you need to know:

This is a product that is healthy for the end user & ecologically sound for the earth. Most cannabis infused edibles are high in carbs, sugar, and fat, (gummy bears, chocolate, and baked goods, etc.) not exactly paleo friendly. These pods have all the benefits of black coffee, and come in environmentally safe packaging.

Edibles and drinks on the market right now are made from THC oils or extracts. These leave out potentially advantageous parts of the plant, loaded with cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components. The British Journal of Pharmacology has pointed out that although science has not yet demonstrated the exact role or mechanism for all these various elements, evidence is growing that “these compounds work better together than in isolation”.

The Brewbudz pod uses two patents which are key to its success, and took a few years to develop. The first is a 100% compostable pod. This is made from all natural materials including the ring, which looks like plastic, but is made from coffee chaff, the skin that falls off the bean in the roasting process. The benefit is self-evident. Rather than create tons of trash taking millenniums to disintegrate, the pod will break down in a composting facility in 90 days.

The second patent refers to an in-pod extraction process. “This is a unique product, in that it is a flower based edible. We use the flower in the pod, rather than an oil or extract. The consumer receives the benefits of all of the components, cannabinoids, terpenes, etc, in addition to THC.” This is known as the entourage effect and it has many health benefits. According to Dr. B. K Madras, professor of psychobiology at Harvard Medical School, “A widely held and user-reported belief is that there are benefits to utilizing the whole plant, in that it provides more relief than orally-administering the isolated cannabinoids, a belief referred to as the “entourage effect”. This is an important issue, as it’s a motivating force for whole cannabis plant to be used for medical purposes in lieu of isolated compounds.”

These 3 reasons help explain why consuming the whole plant may be better for the body:

1. It may ease THC-induced anxiety.
2. Due to pharmacokinetics (the movement of drugs in the body), the way a substance is ingested, and what form it’s in, may alter our body’s response to it.
3. Cannabinoids are not the only products of the cannabis plant with presumed medicinal properties. The effects of terpenoids are also being studied for the possibility of future medical applications.

The pods are initially launching with premium, dark roast, west coast blend coffee, and a tea mixed with a sativa cannabis for an alert morning pick up. That will be complimented with a decaffeinated coffee and evening tea with an indica to help relax before bed.

5 minutes with Jeffry S. Paul, Vice President and Director of Sales at Cannabiniers

Where will you be distributing these pods?
“We will begin our distribution in NV & CO in January 2017 & will follow with CA, WA, OR & AZ in the following few months. After that we are looking at 12 additional states over 18 months. We will also be adding cocoa to the product line and a CBD only line of products shortly.”
*For those of you not familiar with the acronym, CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis, and considered to have a wide scope of potential medical applications. Clinical reports show a lack of psychoactive side effects, meaning you could potentially ingest this for medical purposes and still safely operate a motor vehicle.

How much will the pods cost me? The pod price will depend on the dose size. The pods will be available in 10mg, 25mg & 50mg to start and the prices will start around $8.50 for the 10mg.

What type of license is a business required to have, serve/sell these drinks/pods?
Each state that has approved marijuana consumption, medical or adult use, has its specific procedures to acquire a dispensary, or retail, license. These are the only places you can purchase the product.

Are you only able to sell to dispensaries?
Yes, we contract with a manufacturer & distributor in the state. They manufacture to our tight specifications & sell to the dispensary. As you can see from above we have developed a lot of technology to product Brewbudz & approve & supervise the process.

Is your state rollout still on track…did you add more states?
Yes, it is on track. We are adding more states but I cannot disclose them at this point. We plan on being in many more.

Also, how did you get into this company…what hooked you?
I have known the founder for many years & we worked together previously. I had followed the industry for some time beginning with a cancer bout a few years back. I was aware of the many health benefits of marijuana, wanted a new challenge & felt this was an opportunity to get into a new industry & company & provide products that are good for people. We have the slogan, “Good for you, good for the earth.”

Completely natural from start to finish. Our product is designed for you to brew at your home or office in a Keurig style single serve coffee machine. After brewing you can dispose of the pod in your compost waste stream or recycle bin. The product is BPI Certified for commercial composting.