This is for the coffee addict who doesn’t enjoy arriving somewhere when there isn’t a good coffee shop open at 6 or 7 in the morning.

You know you absolutely cannot wait until 10 for your first cup, and coffee quality can vary dramatically, even in luxury hotels, so count out room service satisfying your morning craving also.

I would hate to see you lower your morning standards so do this:

Bring a small electric coffee pot like a moka pot + an adaptor, if traveling internationally &
A hand grinder like the little Hario model and at least a half pound of beans. You can source exceptional beans locally, later on, when you arrive.

A non-breakable French press is a great choice for travel. Frieling makes an indestructible, stainless steel model that pairs well with a S’well insulated steel bottle. It will keep your coffee hot for 12 hours, and is perfect for tucking into your tote bag/backpack as you wander around the globe, or have to sit through a long conference, where coffee choices are notoriously bad.

At least you should have access to an electric kettle most of the time, unless you happen to stay in a pansiyon out in the middle of nowhere, and you have to wait for the owners to wake up to get hot water. That is a horrible predicament, so I recommend bringing a small electric kettle as well.

Get a medium sized bag that can fit inside your weekend bag or suitcase, just for coffee travel essentials. This avoids coffee ground transference on your clothes. Small diaper bags work well for this purpose because they have a bunch of long, wide pockets and compartments, perfect for hauling around coffee accessories.

Don’t be ashamed of buying a bag specifically for traveling with coffee. There is a market out there devoted solely to wine carriers, so why not coffee!? It’s something you drink 365 days, and at least over 700 cups a year.